Flora & Fauna – 2017 Art Exhibition

Final touch ups being given…….fur effect being added to an animal’s body…..light and dark shades being brought to a flower, viridian being added to the greens to bring a brighter effect……

PAW was bustling with activity with children fine tuning their paintings on the theme ‘Flora and Fauna’, all set for Resplendance ’17.

Around 150 paintings were on display at the Art Exhibition conducted at Youth Hostel Auditorium on 2nd July 2017. The paintings were kept for sale at a nominal value of Rs. 200/-, Rs. 400/- and Rs.600/-.

A new addition to R ’17 is the melodious guitar performance by three guitarists – Ramesh Mani, Ajith R and Chandrashekhar R V which was conducted at the lawns of the venue.

Teams were allotted – Sales team, Finance team, Foods team, Decorations team and Photography Team for the conduct of the exhibition.

Around 30 kids comprising of decorations team decked up the hall in the morning with beautiful posters, colourful cutouts based on the theme and kept the hall all ready for the evening.

The exhibition opened at 4 pm with the lighting of the lamp and prayer song sung by the kids.

The sales team and finance team took their positions and were all set for the hectic evening ahead. The crowd started pouring in. Sales team comprising of around 10 kids guided the visitors around the hall, explaining them about the paintings. Each visitor picked up at least one painting for purchase.

The finance team comprising of 8 members got busy filling in the log books, making entries on the purchases and handling cash while the foods team was providing refreshments to the volunteers.

The Photography team too got busy clicking pictures and capturing the candid moments.

The PAW kids had two options. Either they could take back the whole money earned due to sale of their painting or could donate a part for a social cause. All the kids donated 50 percent of their earned money. By 8 pm all the 150 paintings were sold out which was a remarkable achievement earned by PAW.

Exhausted yet happy over the tremendous achievement, the kids went back home cheerfully.

The money thus collected has been donated to Adyar Cancer Institute (paedriatic unit), Chennai and to Landmark Foundation, an NGO which helps in the education of slum children.