Dancing Waters – 2016 Art Exhibition

February ’16 began with a bustling activity at PAW. The kids were giving finishing touches for their paintings. Hand-made decorations were also being prepared on the theme for 2016’s Resplendence, ‘DANCING WATERS’, organized on 6th of March ’16.

The enthusiasm which the kids showed knew no boundaries. The reflection of the setting sun in the waters, the boats and the beautiful back drops, the waters in the rich hues of blues and greens/ oranges and reds leave the viewers spell-bound. The paintings were painstakingly depicted in oil pastels, water colours, poster paints and crayons. Kids displayed superb ‘Dancing Waters’ paintings even through doodling in colour as well as black and white.

The special feature for this year’s event is that the paintings were kept for sale at nominal rates and the proceeds were given away to the respective child artists. By the end of the exhibition, all the 100 displayed paintings got sold and the children were very happy that they could earn their pocket money.