The Serene Rural Side – 2015 Art Exhibition

2015 started with a big bang. The children became busy preparing for their most important day – The Annual Art Exhibition, christened as ‘RESPLENDENCE’. This year’s theme for Resplendence has been ‘Serene Rural Side’. The budding artist students did beautiful works in various medium taught in the class like colour pencils, oil pastels, pencil shading, water colours, poster colours and charcoal. Very apt to the theme, paintings of bullock carts, farmers, fields, cattle, village sceneries and rural people have been done. The purpose of having this theme was to bring the lost beauty of the rural side, in front of the people.

This year’s addition to Resplendence was a stall which had all the handmade items done by the students themselves like bracelets, ear rings, decorative items, greeting cards etc. The items were put for sale and the proceeds were given for charity.