Shubh Arambham

Padmaja Remella conducted an Art Exhibition namely 'Shubh Arambham' of her adult students on 27 & 28th June 2009. It was a roaring success and received an applause from the public.

The following media were used on the works: pencil shading, colour pencils, oil pastels and pen technique.

The objective of the art exhibition was to provide the students a motivation factor and also to let the people know that age is no bar in learning. If one has the inclination and interest to learn an art, today is the best day to start immaterial of his/her age.

Children's art exhibition - 2009

Padmaja Remella exhibited the works of her students between the age group of 4 years and 15 years on 25th October '09. Around 30 enthusiastic children participated in the exhibition. They displayed art works on various topics like still life, birds, animals, landscapes, human figures and portraits. The medium used for the works were pencil shading, colour pencils, oil pastels, pen technique and charcoal.

The exhibition was received by the public in a very positive mood. People were surprised to know about the hidden talents in each child. The children were given a good boost and were motivated to work still better.